Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Martinez Mexican Restuarant

My quest for quality Mexican food in Texas continued on Tuesday with a visit to Martinez Mexican Restaurant in Mesquite. I was travelling with my boss and some peers this day, so it turned into a Mexican business lunch.

We were seated as soon as we entered the restaurant and the aromas of fresh tortilla chips could be taken in as we were seated. At first glance the menu appeared much like most Mexican Food menus I have seen. Lunch specials, combination plates, fajitas, burritos tacos, Chicken Fried Steak??? There is was again. Why do all Mexican Food restaurants in Texas serve Chicken Fried Steak. For a boy from Socal, this is just plain weird. Give me a few more months and maybe I will have the cajones to order it, smothered in chili and cheese and whatever else Texans think is normal fare.

Before we ordered I took a trip to the restroom to wash my hands and stumbled upon a lady making fresh tortillas(pictured). They smelled so good and we all got a chance to taste them with our meal. They were so soft and delicious served warm.

I decided on the Chicken Enchiladas smothered in green chile sauce(pictured). This is one of my favorite Mexican dishes and I order it more often than not at Mexican restaurants. I have to say that it was a great meal for the price. It was very filling and both the rice and the beans were fabulous. The beans are where most restaurants in Texas seem to go wrong and Martinez Restaurant nailed the beans. They were great. One thing I did not mention was the chips and salsa that showed up on our table prior to ordering our meal. They were light and crispy and they gave everyone at the table their own salsa dipping bowl. I have never seen this. Usually when you have a group, you have to fight for the one salsa bowl or eat the chips dry bacuse it is empty and you can't find a waiter. I thought this was a nice touch. It certainly prevents the urge to double dip!

I rank this Mexican Experience pretty high. There was nothing special about the seating or ambiance, but the great tasting food and excellent service were what stood out in my mind. There was tremendous value in the menu and the selection would satisfy almost anyone. I give Martinez Restaurant 9 stars out of 10 for value, selection, convenience and authenticity.

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  1. The tortillas were fantastic!!!!

  2. This restaurant is number one on our list. Live in neighbor hood or say down the street. Started going there when they were in other building and stil going Food is great Fahitas are Great and enough for anyone. Great food.
    Phyllis H.