Saturday, June 27, 2009

Which Wich?

I will do my best to explain Which Wich to you. Let me start by saying my family had 4 different sandwiches all of which were great. This chain has a very interesting concept or twist on the regular old sandwich.

Your experience starts with you scanning a wall of sandwich bags. You choose one of 11 bags and a red sharpie and then start making selections to customize your sandwich(wich for short). The bags are divided by types of sandwiches. They are Turkey, Ham and Pork, Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Vegetarian, Italian, Comforts, Classics and Breakfast wich's. There is one more wich called the Wicked. It includes five meats, three cheeses and is the signature sandwich of Which Wich. I did not have the appetite to even try it. Each of the categories listed above have 5 selections each making 50 different wich combinations all of which you can customize. They come on wheat or white and all come toasted.You mark up your bag, pay for it and get your bag back a few minutes later with a hot toasty sub inside.

My wife Dawn had the Turkey Pastrami with all the fixins and it was delicious. I could have easily been convinced it was real pastrami and not turkey. My son had a grilled cheese sandwich off the kids menu. He enjoyed it, but had a bite of his sisters meatball wich and said he was never going with grilled cheese again. I tried the meatball and it was very tasty on crispy wheat bread. I chose the Chicken Parma with marinara and parmesan. It was delicious and melted in my mouth. The picture above shows my son Austin taking the last bite of that meatball sandwich.

I definitely recommend Which Wich for a sandwich experience the whole family will enjoy. The variety of menu selections will always keep things interesting. I look forward to trying the "Buffalo Shrimp" or the "Thank you Turkey' with stuffing and cranberry sauce. I give Which Wich 8 out of 10 stars for menu variety and family appeal.

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