Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Dive- Bar and Grill

The Dive- Bar and Grill is a great restaurant. They've got good food and great service. For appetizers, my Dad had the BBQ Chicken HoeCakes(Hand-pulled BBQ Chicken on a cornmeal HoeCake with candied Jalapeno Aioli, fresh Cilantro and Red Onion slivers.) and he explained them as "Slightly spicy and delicious..." All  I have to say is they aren't for everyone, my Mom and I didn't really like the HoeCake. Other than that the meat and veggies were great! As far as Main Courses go, my Dad and I split the Big Beef French Dip(Pepper- crusted sliced Sirloin mounded on a baguette with provolone cheese and aus jus served with our hand cut fries.) This sandwich could use some improving, I did not like the baguette... It was crusted with onions, not my personal favorite, but as for the aus jus and meat, delicious. And last but not least Dessert, I had the Creme Brulee, it was great! It had some fresh berries on top with a sprig of mint. Perfection at it best. So if you like a meal with some spice and bit of sweetness this is the place to go.

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