Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twisted Tortilla

The anticipation of the grand opening of yet another Mexican restaurant in North Texas was at an all time high this last month as I anxiously waited for the Twisted Tortilla to open their doors. The big question, was this just another Tex Mex joint or authentic Mexican that I have come to miss from Southern California.

Now that the wait is over I have my answer, the Twisted Tortilla is kind of like Chipotle with a full bar and a variety of unique appetizers and specialty dishes. I would say definitely not Tex Mex evn though they serve queso. I guess their name says it all, fresh-mex-grill.

I marched right past the line up front and sat at the bar in the back of the restaurant. While waiting for some friends, I started with a frozen sangria margarita and have to say it was quite good. Not great or I would have ordered another instead of switching it up. When my friends arrived, they ordered the queso. If you love salty cheese, this will fit the bill.

Next up was the Killer Taquitos($6.39). filled with roasted brisket, mashed potatoes, cheddar and c ream cheese, green onions and jalepenos, these sort of rocked my senses. They were even better dipped in the habanero salsa from the fresh salsa bar or the avocado cream sauce.

I finished my meal with the Slam'n Salmon Rolls(pictured). Once again this dish exceeded my expectations. They were quite flavorful fulled with fresh salmon, baby spinach and then deep fried in a flour tortilla. The menu said they came with a creamy ginger salsa sauce(never saw this), but once again the house habenero salsa was a great addition.

My friends had the Talapia Tacos and a Rice Bowl with the brisket. I cant speak for them, but they were not complaining about a lack of flavor.

If I had one knock on this place it would be the service. It is hard to perfect service the first week of any opening, but there were a couple obvious gaps that will need to be filled before I place this at the top of my eating out list. For example, they have a full service bar without an attendant. At least one that you see more than once every 15 minutes. I also ordered a Jack and Diet coke and was given a glass of Jack and asked to go to the fountain machine to get diet Pepsi to top off my drink. Once again, totally fixable and the server was very friendly and made the experience fun by recommending dishes and inviting us back for happy hour and great food.

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