Sunday, August 9, 2015

Black Walnut Cafe - Frisco

After church today we headed to the new Black Walnut Cafe in Frisco. We have watched the construction for the past couple months and of course googled it to see what is was. Although it is a chain or a is certainly a great addition to breakfast/lunch spots in Frisco.

Our experience started by waiting in line to order, then taking our seats and waiting for our pager to go off. While in line I took note of the incredible dishes leaving the kitchen. Let me say all versions of the benedict looked fabulous. They are next on my "to do" list.

Cubano Sandwich
Pictured to the left was the Cubano sandwich I ordered with sweet potato fries($1 extra). It comes with a spicy mustard on the side. It could have been a little bigger for the $11.50 price tag, but it was certainly packed with flavor.

My wife is a vegetarian and ordered a soup/salad combo. The had the tomato basil soup and was pleased with it along with a side caesar salad.

Up next was my Son with a Bacon Cheeseburger. He could not finish it. Double patty, lots of cheese and bacon. He was not complaining at all and really seemed to enjoy the meal.

Bacon Cheeseburger
My daughter ordered one of her favorites....Pot Roast. It is not often she finds a good pot roast out in restaurants that is not too salty, but she said this one was almost as good a mine. He meal came with a side salad and felt like a good value at $13.

I would recommend just about everything I saw come out of the kitchen based on sight alone...of course taste is another thing. The people around us looked happy and when we left there was a long line right out the door. There did appear to be a bar in the middle of the restaurant in addition to a gelato station. There were also several dessert cases in our view and certainly gave us a reason to come back. My family seems to live for dessert.
Pot Roast

In closing, we will be headed back again to try breakfast and make another trip for dessert. I just hope not everyone if Frisco discovers this place or the wait will become ridiculous. I recommend someone grabs a table, while the others wait in line.

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