Sunday, May 31, 2009

Island Burger

I can guarantee you this will be one of many reviews on Burgers in the Dallas Area. There is no shortage of Burger Joints in this town. In fact, there are 9 separate locations in Frisco alone that I have on my list to try. I am limiting myself to one per week, so be patient. My pick this past week was Island Burger in Rowlett. They have 4-5 locations around the Dallas Metroplex. They are famous for larger that life burgers with outrageous toppings.

I chose their house special, the Jungle Burger(pictured). This half pound monster comes loaded with sauteed mushrooms, onions and green peppers to start. Then they pile on lettuce, tomato, pickles and Jalapenos. Then a squirt of mustard and ketchup before they layer on a couple slices of Provolone and Cheddar cheese.

Here is the deal with my experience at this location. I went in at 7:10 on Friday night and got seated no problem. Ordered no problem. Waiting 45 minutes... a problem. I was pretty angry and almost left. I stopped in for a quick burger and got the line, " it will only be a couple more minutes" from the server at least five times.

Aside from the service issues, the burger rocked. I had to take a few of the jalapenos off, but for those of you who really, really like them it would probably be the perfect burger. I had nothing on the side, just the huge burger. It was very satisfying, but way too messy. For me to rate this burger highly it would have had to be better contained between the buns.

I did see quite a bit of other food come out of the kitchen. The deep fried mushrooms looked very edible and the table next to me was raving about them. I recommend getting a burger to share with someone and taking advantage of the appetizer menu. There are some great options to choose from.

The rating scale on Burgers goes to 11 instead of 10, since this is my favorite food. Currently the favorite burger on my list is the Bobcat Bite at the Bobcat Grill in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That was a ten-star burger. I will reserve the 11 star for any burger that unseats the Bobcat Bite as best burger ever. The Jungle Burger is not even close. I give Island Burger 6 stars out of ten. Mostly due to poor service. The burger is probably a 7.5 on its own.

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  1. Its Burger Island first of all you dope and second you have multiple type-o's and grammar issues in your review. So, before casting stones be mindful that you aren't perfect. Work in the industry and you may be more understanding.