Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mattito's Tex Mex

Finally a good Mexican Food restaurant in Texas. Mattito's was a breath of fresh air after a couple Tex Mex disasters my first week in Dallas. Even the locals kept telling me the Mexican Food here sucks. Many have suggested I just go to On the Border to satisfy my urges.

The Mattito's in Frisco has a real Mexican Cantina feel to it and is definitely a destination for the whole family. I was seated immediately and had hot chips and salsa(good stuff) on my table within 30 seconds. The menu has all the usual suspects you would expect to find with a couple of surprises. The one that stands out the most is the Chicken Fried Steak???. They recommend it cowboy style with Chili Con Carne, cheddar cheese, rice and beans. You can also have it traditional with cream gravy, salsa fries and Texas toast.

I was not feeling that adventurous and went for the Chicken Enchiladas. I was given a variety of sauces to choose from, but decided to just go with the green tomatillo sauce(pictured above). This dish was only $8.99 and blows the 13.99 Enchiladas Suizas at On the Border out of the water. It was excellent with just the right amount of heat to keep me sipping my margarita till it was empty.

I look forward to returning to this great find in Frisco in the near future. They have many special plates(especialidades on the menu) that I have my eye on. They have a great variety of seafood, pork, chicken and beef dishes to satisfy just about any thing you are in the mood for. I give this location 9 stars out of ten based on service(excellent), menu selection and real Mexican Flavor(spot on). Mattatio's also has an original location in North Dallas for your dining pleasure.
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