Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring Creek BBQ

Today I had lunch at the Spring Creek BBQ in Frisco. I have been in Texas for almost three weeks now and can't believe I made it this long before I tasted real Texas BBQ.

The restaurant was set up cafeteria style where you grab a tray and head down a line making selections. This could be trouble for many who love food. I decided on the Beef dinner that comes with unlimited veggies and a soda. The staff sliced the brisket right in front of me and piled it high in my plate with a fresh baked roll. I selected the green beans(smothered in bacon) and the cole slaw as my sides. I almost did not make it out of line with all the pie selections they had.

I took a seat in a booth and got started on my meal. The brisket was delicious. It had the nice pink smoke ring as a crust and it did not last long dipped in the hot BBQ sauce that I took from the line. The beans were also something I will remember for a while, so much flavor and the bacon really took them up a notch. As soon as I finished my roll a server suddenly appeared at my table with a basket of fresh bakes rolls. Of course I took one! I finished my meal with the cole slaw and was very satisfied. I prefer cole slaw that is more of the vinegar type and this was more mayonnaise, but still satisfying.

One last temptation came as I was getting up to leave. A server showed up and offered me a bowl of ice cream for free. If I was not so full, I would have jumped all over the offer. I will have to come back and save some room next time.

I give the Spring Creek BBQ 8 stars out of 10. The menu offers a variety of smoked meats including chicken, beef, sausage and turkey. The kids can eat a meal for under five bucks and from looking around no one was leaving hungry.

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