Sunday, May 31, 2009

Palio's Cafe

On the recommendation of my mother-in-law, I tried Palio's cafe in Frisco for Lunch on Sunday. They specialize in Pizza, Pasta and Salad. The pizzas are considered gourmet and are available in sizes small through x-large. They also have a good variety of salads, pastas and a great list of sandwiches.

The sandwiches look to have great value at only $5.99 each with kettle chips and a pickle. This kids are even better off with a $3.99 value menu with 7 options. That will make some parents very happy.

There are 18 varieties of Gourmet Pizza to choose from and 36 if you factor in the optional whole wheat crust. I decided to go with the Maria's BBQ Chicken(pictured). It included roasted chicken, red onions, bacon, cheddar and Mozzarella cheese. This was one greasy pie. It was certainly full of flavor and the crust actually held up will, but I used 15 napkins to eat 4-5 pieces of pizza. It was a bit much. I also had the Greek Salad. The salad was very authentic and had sun dried tomatoes in it which I though was a nice twist that I do not usually see in Greek salads. It was the perfect warm up while I was waiting for the pizza.

I can tell you this will quickly become a family favorite restaurant for us in Frisco. The menu has something for the whole family and there is enough variety to really mix things up. The restaurant offers dine in, delivery or carry out. They also have a fantastic lunch specials from 11-3 on weekdays starting at $7.99.

I rate this restaurant very high for a pizza joint. I really look at his as more Casual Italian meets California Pizza Kitchen. I thought he service was great and did not find myself waiting at all. I ordered, got my salad, got my pizza, got my to box and got out in under 25 minutes. I give Paoli's Cafe 8 stars out of 10. If they take the BBQ chicken off the menu or drop the cheddar cheese and bacon off that pie, they could reach 9.5 or better.

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